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David Alexander: The Best DJ for Ballroom Dancing

David is available to serve as a DJ for your ballroom dance event. He brings quality and professionalism to any ballroom event.

Many things go into making a ballroom event successful such as the venue, the dance floor, and the ambiance. But arguably the most important thing is the music. Playing music for a ballroom event is not just selecting which song to play next. There are many more equally important things that a ballroom DJ does regarding how the songs are played.

Most DJs, even those claiming to be “ballroom DJs”, simply don’t know what makes a ballroom dance event work and have no clue what songs contain the rhythms necessary for the different ballroom dances, or even what the proper tempos are for dancing. Also, just being a ballroom dancer does not make you a good DJ because playing music for a ballroom dance event involves a lot more than knowing how to dance.

David’s dances are special and different than dances you may find elsewhere. David’s collection of quality dance music is the best anywhere. David’s knowledge and experience means that he knows what music and rhythms go with each dance, what tempo they need to be, and how to play them. Each and every song that David plays has been hand picked for musical quality, dance ability, rhythm, and tempo. Tempo is extremely important. If the tempo is too fast, for example, it is difficult or impossible to properly execute the movements of the dance. If you dance to music that is the wrong tempo, you can develop bad habits that will negatively impact all of your dancing.

David has a unique ability to adjust the mix and types of songs to fit the dancers present and keep them dancing. He plays an even mix of ballroom and Latin music, with some of the popular specialty dances mixed in, too.

Most people feel no need to make requests because the mix of music is exactly right for them. But if you have a favorite song you would like to hear, please feel free to stop by and request your song. David has a collection of more than 3000 songs which are all categorized for quick and easy access. Although all of the songs are from CDs, David does not actually play the CDs at the dances, so please don’t bring your CD for him to play. All of the music is organized and played by specialized, custom software that he wrote specifically for ballroom dancing.

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