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David Alexander is a professional Ballroom and Latin dancer and teacher who has had extensive training in Ballroom and Latin dancing. He has also invested many years studying and learning how to teach. He is proud to uphold the highest standards of quality and professionalism in both his dancing and his teaching, and he is recognized as one of the best technique teachers in the country. He is a true promoter of classic Ballroom dancing, and someone who really cares about the art of Ballroom dancing.

David Alexander is an independent teacher which means that he is not employed by any dance studio. This allows him to teach quality private lessons and group classes, and arrange and hold social and practice dance parties anywhere.

David started his dance career with West Coast Swing and Hustle and found himself teaching five West Coast Swing classes a week for many years. Soon after mastering West Coast Swing and Hustle, David moved on to the American style Ballroom and Latin dances, and then on to the International style Ballroom and Latin dances. David has now been teaching Ballroom, Latin, and Nightclub dancing for more than 35 years.

Along the way, David has dabbled in ballet and jazz dancing. He has appeared in several productions of The Nutcracker, and was a principal dancer in La Fille Mal Garde.

David began competing very early in his dance career, starting with West Coast Swing and moving into Ballroom and Latin. He has taken many students into Student/Teacher American and International Ballroom and Latin competitions. He has also competed in Pro/Am International Standard, and has frequently been a finalist in Professional International Standard.

David also has extensive experience organizing dance events and has been the DJ at ballroom dances, competitions, weddings, and other special dance events for three decades. David is well known and frequently sought out for his music selection and his ability to play great music that keeps people dancing.

David loves to teach dance, and enjoys working with anyone from the beginning student to the accomplished competitor. He is known for his unique ability to make learning to dance fun and easy. David’s primary goal in teaching is to make the student a better dancer. He has an incredibly clear and unique way to teach posture, body movement, connection, leading, and following that makes it easy to understand and learn. Whether you dance Ballroom or Latin, or even West Coast Swing or Hustle, David can help make your dancing look better and feel better. David can even make leading and following spins and turns easy. David’s favorite dance style is International Standard, and he takes all his knowledge about body movement, connection, leading, and following, and applies it to the standard dances and makes them soft, smooth, and gracefully elegant. David has a unique understanding and ability to explain how dance position and the frame works, and how to maintain it while dancing. David can even help you with the musicality, musical expression, and musical interpretation of your dancing.

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